There’s strength in your quiet ways.

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As the clock struck midnight, I could hear voices cheering outside, welcoming the new year. Despite being at a friends’ reunion, I chose to celebrate 2021 upstairs in my room, swaddled in comfy jammies, cuddling my dog, and watching an episode of my favorite show.

My husband came in briefly and gave me a celebratory kiss before returning outside to drink and chat with his buddies. Fortunately, nobody seemed bothered by my unusual absence from the New Year’s Eve countdown, but in case they were, I had several excuses lined up:

  1. I wasn’t feeling well;
  2. My dog was afraid of…

I’ve always failed at time blocking. When I found I was in “obliger rebellion”, I found better ways to approach my work.

A woman in round-framed sunglasses and a striped shirt strikes a pose with her hands on her head.
A woman in round-framed sunglasses and a striped shirt strikes a pose with her hands on her head.

Most of us looking to improve our days aren’t business moguls. It’s not like our schedules are so jam-packed that you can’t throw a needle in there. It’s not like we need help figuring out how to fill every waking hour with highly productive activities.

What we need help with is getting started and staying committed. Working on what’s meaningful. Feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Most of us are average. Before you get offended, you should know that being anything less than extraordinary isn’t that bad. …

Don’t let their fears hold you back

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I know how it feels. Doubtful, disapproving comments coming from “well-meaning” family members or friends can feel like a punch in the gut.

You’re already doubting yourself, beating yourself up, and feeling anxious about your plans being too outlandish. You fear that you’re not good enough. The last thing you need is more negativity.

Deep down, you know that your loved ones only have your best interest at heart. You understand that their behavior is nothing more than an expression of their own fear of the unknown. …

I wish I could wash away my feelings

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I enjoy designing bathrooms for some reason, so when the time came to finally create my own, I designed my bathroom to be the ultimate shrine of tranquility.

Light blue-gray tiles with lavender tones frame a refurbished cast iron bathtub from the 70s. The wood-like tile floor creates a pleasant contrast, complimenting the century-old wood beams in the ceiling.

A large round moss picture hangs on the wall, beside a round mirror of the exact same size (because I’m slightly obsessed with symmetry). …

#2 We mellow out like fine wine

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We love to say that age is just a number, and that’s partly true. Age doesn’t necessarily make us better people, and even if we learn lessons along the way, it doesn’t mean we always apply them.

I’m in my mid-thirties, and I’d love to say that my better judgment and discipline are at the core of everything I do, but they’re not. I’m out of shape, I procrastinate, get anxious, and sometimes cope in unhealthy ways while trying to navigate this messy thing called life.

But at least I feel like I’ve evolved in certain areas — like emotional…

How my stats look like after doing the bare minimum

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I suffer from shiny object syndrome, it’s clear by now. Consistently writing on Medium not only requires a lot of dedication, you actually need to believe you’re going to “make it”, otherwise you’ll give up and start chasing other things.

And what does “making it” on Medium mean? Well, it can mean whatever you want it to, but if you’ve clicked on this article, you’re probably interested in the financial side of the platform.

Just like me, you’ve probably been mesmerized by the unicorn writers that are earning thousands of dollars after just months on this platform and promise you…

Even if you’re an introvert

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I’ve been a ball of nerves lately. As an anxious, introverted person, I thought I’d experienced it all — ridiculous amounts of stress at work, a surprise lockdown, health issues, and the uncertainty of building an online business.

But that was all a piece of cake compared to filming my first YouTube video. Nothing quite compares with staring into the abyss of a tiny black box, your mouth going dry, your heart racing, and your mind going blank.

The question is — why? Why would I willingly put video footage of myself out there when I’m a naturally withdrawn and…


Even if you’re an absolute beginner

Woman sitting on a chair outside
Woman sitting on a chair outside

Most of us planning to start a blog are writers at heart. We just want to get our knowledge out there, help people and make a living in the process.

The writing part may come easy for many of us. But there are so many details when it comes to blogging that we risk spending too much time on technicalities and chasing the wrong things.

I’ve fallen into this trap countless times. Blogging was so intimidating that: 1. I didn’t even start for years, 2. I did start and then got lost in WordPress tutorials and website design, 3. …

I wish it were that simple

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I’m quitting my job to follow my passion. Yep, I’m one of those people. I also know that it’s going to take me a couple of years to make this transition. And for someone with anxiety, as liberating as this decision felt in the moment, this self-imposed two-year period also feels like a prison.

To this day, I still get anxious before going to work. I still hyperventilate in my car, the commute triggers me. While my ability to cope has improved since writing about my life as an anxious doctor, I wish I just felt “blah” about my job…

But only as long as it’s a temporary coping mechanism

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We’ve all had the occasional sleepless night when we just had to finish that binge-worthy season of our favorite show. But when some people repeat this behavior, we call binge-watching an addiction instead of seeing it for what it really is: a coping mechanism.

Take the problem away, and binge-watchers will revert to their everyday lives, just as soon as there’s no more pain to numb.

I should know this first-hand. Binge-watching has been a crutch that I’m not proud of, but it has gotten me through some tough times.

Dealing with breakups

About twelve years ago, I went through a horrible breakup…

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